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07/25/2013 12:37PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
We were just through Jordan Lake in early July and had been told of the pictograph site just east of the portage from Cattyman Lake. There was nothing close to the described rock in the bay 100 yards east of the portage. Got back and rechecked the description in "Magic on the Rocks" and it also was inaccurate. Anyone here who has found the site?
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07/25/2013 01:37PM  
I haven't seen them myself, but I think they are supposed to be in the narrows by the Ima portage, not by Cattyman portage.

Jordan Narrows Pictograph Sites
Thread from Last November
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07/25/2013 01:46PM  

I never looked when I was in that area since I didn’t know anything was there. See older thread linked by bstrege.

07/25/2013 01:51PM  
I was there in June and spent an hour looking in the narrows that leads to the Ima Lake portage. We never found them.
member (39)member
07/25/2013 01:59PM  
It looks as if they are indeed in the Jordan Lake Narrows on the way to Ima which is a much more logical place for them to be than near the Cattyman portage. We thought that might be the case and spent some time looking in the Narrows but no luck!
member (39)member
07/25/2013 02:08PM  
member (39)member
07/25/2013 02:11PM  
Well none of my comments showed up with the photo but it is one of the several rock faces in the Jordan Lake Narrows very similar to the ones at North Hegman.
07/25/2013 02:16PM  
quote lskidder: " "

The whole shoreline, this rock included, is where we looked.
07/25/2013 04:27PM  
I took these pictures in May. I thought they looked like pictographs but when I got out and checked they were listed at a different location so I did not think of them again till your post.

distinguished member(7229)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
07/25/2013 05:02PM  
That's the spot, Tony. They're not the greatest pictos in the world. The rock face they are on is much cooler than the pictos themselves.
member (39)member
07/27/2013 12:16PM  
Great photos Tony, thanks! That last one definitely looks like a man made picto.
07/28/2013 06:23AM  
The pictos are rather faded and indiscernible. Cool cliff though!

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