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Waiting for Cherokee Sunset

Paddled to other side of island to watch the sunset

Princess Peach on Fourtown

Coffee Please

Waiting for someone to make me a good cuppa Joe


Exit at EP37

Jiminy & Me

Malberg Beach Club



115 back

115 front

Seal line pro pack

Norway Island SE site

Embracing the Muck 2017

Wind Bay to Indiana Beaver Dam

Basswood Beach Site 2017

Snoozing Poodle Mix

Snoozing Poodle Mix

Evening paddle through Gordon, July 2014

Jiminy in Hammock

Superior Hiking Trail

Wet Portaging Dog

The bushes along the portage were wet from a morning rain.

Hiking with a dog.

Using a skijoring belt and retractable leash

Food Bag 2

Padded Food Bag1

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