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Camp Storage

Lots of height for hanging sleeping bags/quilts

Backpacking Table 2

Table unfolded

Backpacking Table

Table set up and folded

Camping goodies1

Spinning wheels make great sleeping mat retainers

Portaging Poodle Mix

Portage Train

Brule sunset, July 2014

The Last Portage

Disappointment to Snowbank July 2015

Sawbill Hammock

First year, first hammock. We're hooked.

Wet Portaging

Wet portaging end of day

Evening on Jordan July, 2015

Leaving Snowbank 2015

Last portage on Snowbank 2015

Morning Loon on Oyster

June 2013

Front Row Hammock

Andy's front row hammock Jordan 2015

Ty chilling in hammock

Footstool rock


Exped Downmat UL7 for under insulation

Gordon Reflection

July 16, 2014

Canoe damage

Fishing Spider

Found hanging out at the junction of Oyster and Nina Moose, June 2014.

Myotis tarp skins

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