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Beer for scale 2

Beer for scale 1

It fits

Walking Stick

She’s a work in progress.

Spade Rock

Arrowhead fail, spade success haha

MN Rock

Rock broken into shape of MN

Carved rocks

Couple of carved rocks on Knife

Cute little fella

Baby hare wonders what is going on

Open wide

Yawning seagull

Mr Miyagi

Seagull doing seagull stuff

Bonus Pic

Red sky delight

Green Lights

July 13-14 Astro

By product review of prepared meals by vendor

Details of FD/dried prepared meal producers as of 3/9/23.

Meal Vendor Compare Overview

Overview of FD/dried prepared meal producers as of 3/9/23.

Other paddle

Wenonah Paddle-3

Wenonah Paddle-2

Wenonah Paddle-1

Stuff Sack Pillow

My preferred means of travel

I'd rather have a canoe

May 8th 2022 Garden Lake Astro

Moose Lake May 10th 2022

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