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Cedar Strip Canoe Project: Merlin (47 photos)


Merlin plans

Refinish exterior of Merlin August 2017 reflections

Refinish exterior of Merlin August 2017

2nd coat of varnish using roll and tip method

Merlin Kunz design 1985


Varnish complete


My custom made yoke

slow to turn but nice

A nice feel on a June day

Grand Daughter on knee, my son looks on

Yup, that is a canoe

ceremonial toast

pre-launch photo op

out of the shop

z3) Interior completed

z2) bow fittings

On April 27, 2011 all wood work complete, all bare wood epoxy coated. Only varnishing is left to do

z1) Stern paddler

My Grand Daughter Kendra is the first to sit in my Merlin

w1) gunwale scarf joint

z) deck fitting

y) accident

consequence of using a tool designed for low rpm's in a high speed router

x) Scupper block cutting jig

1/4" blocks cut with 3/8 Forstner bit to produce concave

w) Inside glass finished

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