Basecamping Adventures in WCPP 2013 (57 photos)

We're unloaded and our ride is ready to depart

Saying a last goodbye to the wilderness

Shuttling gear out to our ride home

Morning fog on departure day

And maybe the most interesting sunset for last

Primrose bud

Blue eyed grass

Star flower


Indian Strawberry

and did I mention "Time for a nap"

... and some interesting lighting

Every evening a new show

Still haven't ID'ed this one

Canada Mayflower

Larus Falls (small side channel)

Larus (main) Falls

A little "fire" in the night sky

Peaceful end to another day

"Creative" tarp pitching

Always time for a nap

Still and color of evening

Evening visit from beavers

Bloodvein River campsite (near Larus Lake)

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