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BWCA - Kekekabic Trail
by Mountainrunner

Trip Type: Hiking
Entry Date: 05/02/2009
Entry Point: Other
Exit Point: Other  
Number of Days: 4
Group Size: 2
Day 3 of 4
Monday, May 04, 2009

Matt and I decided as we left Monday morning that we would hike down to Becoosin or Benenzie Lake. We figure it was around 12 miles but would give us a short day out Tuesday morning (and we both had long drives home). You hike about 5 miles (maybe 6) before reaching Thomas Lake - and wet feet. We had a water crossing

at Thomas Falls and there was no way not to get wet. Spent the rest of the day with wet feet - well ,at least until we got to Moiyaka Lake for lunch. The hike for most of the day from Strup to Becoosin is pretty darn level. Obviously you'll get a little contour (some around Moiyaka) but not much. Nice easy hiking. Lots of dead falls - actually days 2 and 3 were the worst for dealing with deadfalls. And there are some bad ones. When got over to Moiyaka and Medas I was back within familiar territory. Moiyaka is a great place to have lunch - even better place to camp overnight if you can work it into your hike. Medas I've not camped but it is a pretty Lake. Drumstick isn't too far down the trail but I neglected to check it out. By this time on the third day I was really pissed that I had brought the boots i had on. My knee was quite painful on the downhills. But even the pain could not negate my enthusiasm for the hike. It truly is a great area. If life can play out the way I hope it does, Stacie and I could maybe retire closer to this country someday....... we'll see what happens.

As I mentioned, we were headed for Becoosin or Benenzie. Let me give a note of caution for all! We decided to try camping Benenzie because we had not been on that lake before. So when we got down to the first junction with the Becoosin Loop, we headed for Benenzie. BIG MISTAKE. The trail is an absolute mess - almost impassable in several places. The campsites are terrible. Do not even consider trying to use one. We pushed through to the campsite we were familiar with on Becoosin. Our Third night was pretty low key. We were both beat. My knee was in tough shape and I know Matt was dealing with a little knee touble himself as well as terrible blistering on both feet. We were in bed I believe by 9:00 pm. But I'll tell ya, I slept good that night..... and felt fortunate to be able to be out there.