First Quetico Trip... The Epic Journey
by hexnymph

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 05/28/2004
Entry & Exit Point: Moose Lake (EP 25)
Number of Days: 8
Group Size: 8
Day 2 of 8
Sunday, May 30, 2004

Yum Yum Lake, Kahshahpiwi Lake, Keefer Lake, Sark Lake.

Day two was overcast and chilly right at the start. We broke camp and made our way to the “Don’t use this” portage and started on up the hill. This portage was rough from the start with quite an incline to start, although the topo said the steep part was going to be on the downhill side, it was no surprise. Once on top of the steep part we took off the Kevlar helmets, or canoes as other people call them, and packs and we enjoyed a wonderful view from a cliff over a cedar swamp and caught our breath. The rest of the portage was not to bad and downhill the rest of the way. 

   Once on Kahshapiwi Lake it wasn’t long before we caught a lunch of lake trout and a walleye. After catching enough to eat we made a b-line for the pictograph site on this lake. These were not too hard to see. If memory serves me correctly there was a salamander like form, something that looked like a turtle and a couple other images. We took in the sites and headed back north to find a campsite to make lunch. I was definitely ready to eat by then, my feet were freezing and we had a long paddle before we reached our final destination for the day. The water in Kahshapiwi is frigid!. After lunch we paddled out onto the lake to “Deep 6” the fish remains. As soon as I began launching the fish from the canoe we had seagulls within 6 feet of us. Even more amazing than that was that a couple seconds later and eagle soared right over us and up into a tree to wait for us to get out of the way. The rest of Kahshapiwi greeted us with a little wind and rain all the way up and through Keefer Lake. 

   Keefer lake was another hot fishing lake and dinner was caught, more lakers and another walleye, which we carried over to Sark lake. I was amazed at the fight in these lakers. (Dragging a weight about 5 feet in front of a spoon). The first fish came in “like a wet sock” until it got near the boat and then BAM! the fight was on… several good runs straight down making the reel scream but eventually the fish began to tire and I managed to get it up to the boat. After that tiring battle I was rewarded with a healthy 5 lb laker in the boat. As soon as I got the fish in the boat and ready to catch up with the other boats I put the spoon back in the water and gave it some line as we began to paddle. As soon as I set the bail the spoon was slammed again! I couldn’t believe it! This fish fought from the getgo and at first I didn’t think it was a laker till it was closer to the boat and started doing the reel screaming straight down dives, then I knew it was another. This fish wasn’t quite as big but 4 lbs or more still. Once in the boat I put the rod down and played catch-up with the rest of the group. At the portage we saw the one other boat had a laker and a walleye so we knew dinner was taken care of.

   Once in Sark Lake we made a b-line for the first “out of the wind” campsite we could find which wasn’t to far. That evening was spent warming up next to a fire in some dry clothes after a long cold day. All evening the weather was threatening to pour on us but just kept up with the cool mist. I don’t think it took anyone long to fall asleep. 

This is the only day we didn’t see another sole.