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Eagle Mountain Trail during Blowdown
by Sagebrusher

Trip Type: Hiking
Entry Date: 07/03/1999
Entry & Exit Point: Other
Number of Days: 2
Group Size: 1
Part 2 of 2
Well, this concludes my story, except to say that the next time I go I will be much better prepared. There are so many ways that things could have been worse. There might not have been other people to help me carry my gear, I might have been actually hit by a tree, my flashlight could have went out while I was portaging in the dark. Extra bulbs and batteries will be on my list of things to take, not to mention a buck knife. Things not to take would include my heavy tent and my large binoculars.

P.S. the second campsite, by the lake, is a much better campsite than the one I camped in. Mine was littered with trash, had no view, and I could'nt find the pit toilet. Also, someone had partly hacked through the one decent tree at the site. I took care of the trash, and the wind probably took care of the tree.

Here is a photo of Upper Goosebery Falls that I took the day after the storm...