Winter Tracks
by Kiporby

Trip Type: Dog Sledding
Entry Date: 02/11/2011
Entry & Exit Point: Other
Number of Days: 4
Group Size: 2
Day 3 of 4
Sunday, February 13, 2011

Adam took Lauren and I on another dog sled ride, but this time on Gunflint Lake. Adam even let me have a shot at running the dogs myself. Now that was COOL! Kee and Haw to turn. Up up! to get them running faster. The dogs are very friendly and love the attention. They are born to run and pull. Their anticipation grows with all sorts of barking and yelps as the musher starts to hook them up to the sled.

After the dog sledding we went skiing on the trails behind the lodge. Lauren wasn't so sure of this at first, but soon caught on. We both had our share of wiping out going down the hills. It sure is scenic up in the hills above the lake.

Another cool feature of Gunflint Lodge are the pet deer. They are well fed with corn that the lodge provides for the guests to feed the deer. One of my favorite parts was when the deer had Lauren surrounded awaiting her to share her bag of corn with them. She literally had them eating out of her hand.

Sunset was again gorgeous and much earlier than back home. It was dark by 5pm!