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Quetico Trip June 2011
by Hillbilly

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 06/10/2011
Entry Point: Quetico
Exit Point: Quetico  
Number of Days: 8
Group Size: 3
Trip Introduction:
This was our 2nd trip to Quetico we went two years ago with my Dad and sister. This year it was my brother Benji and my buddy Rewk. We were three (Dad had to stay back with our old Labrador in Idaho) so we had a two man and a single man canoe which we all took turns in. It was fine but a little tough in the single when the wind picked up. We went in at McAree to Wickstead camped there one night then to Darky and Williams. From Williams we went on to Conmee and then Brent and back out through Brent, Darky River and Minn then out McAree on the last day. Lots of traveling and portaging for a 7 day trip especially since we fish the whole time but we saw all new country with the exception of Darky so that was great. Found some really good new fishing spots too.

Weather was fantastic didnt rain on us a drop and was anywhere from sunny to partly cloudy every day. Finally rained on us when we were getting back in the Andersons jet boat to head back to Crane Lake. Andersons is great they always do a great job outfitting our trip.

Focus of our trip was flyfishing we caught lots of smallies on topwater. Also caught some nice walleye and one monster pike. We caught about 5 walleye in the 5-7 lb range which was great. Let all the big walleye go and ate some of the smaller ones. Saw a wolf which was really cool and did a lot of night fishing which was great with the moon. Beautiful campsites all around.

Best part was spending time with my bro and best college bud in the wild doing what we all love to do... so peaceful, relaxing and just a great adventure. My dad took us to boundary waters when we were kids and that is why we started going back a few years ago.

Oh yea... we started talking to each other day 1 with our best minnesota north woods accent which turned into a russian accent by day 4 and was a mexican one by day 7! The boat ride back was a tough transition back to normal behavior...