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Chasing a Fine and Pleasant Misery
by jbshotgun

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 09/13/2011
Entry & Exit Point: Brant Lake (EP 52)
Number of Days: 6
Group Size: 2
Trip Introduction:
First off let me start off by letting you know this may be a rambling report, and yes this was a hunting trip so for those anti-hunters out there just stop reading but do know no non-human mammals were hurt during our escapades. Planning started in February of this year; it was going to be our first adventure hunt. We picked entry point 52 as an out of the way area with good topography to hold bears. We had a rough idea of where we wanted to go heading for either Little Sag or Ogish. Then came the fateful trip report of Rob Johnson’s “Mugwump PMA -- A Fine & Pleasant Misery.” It was perfect; noted bear sign 3 months before our trip, 2 supposedly older gentlemen (assumed for the family status (and you remember what they say about assumptions)) able to make the trip within 8 hours, and a detailed hourly report of their trip in. Our goal was to match the entry trail leg for leg going to Agamok. Then set a base camp and hunt our little hearts out. The phrase of the planning stage was, “Well if the old guys can do it.” As time told us “Ambition can hurt.”
Day 1 of 6
Day ZERO I have to work a half day so I head into town at noon to pick up the 100 pounds of dry ice in case we get the opportunity to harvest a bear. On the way out the door from work I get the usual be safe’s and good luck’s, my boss adds in, “remember those old guys might be marathoners and they surely weren’t hunting bear with your gear.” Ahh pish posh, were young and strong men some hard work can’t break me and Captain BS. Hit Captain BS house at 2:00 and he has the truck loaded except for our borrowed 1970’s 17 ft alumicraft. It will be the first time we have strapped it to the new truck without a rack (did great on the POS minivan, so can’t be bad). Well 4 stops in the first 40 mins of driving to readjust the straps and survey the paint damage, we finally got it on right and we were on our way. Just out of Grand Marais we hit the smoke from the fire, 5 miles of 200 ft visibility. Well were running on fumes so we hit gas and food in Grand Marais. Food was interesting, never thought I would eat at a place where I could get a 10 buck tuna steak sandwich. Waitress didn’t like me much because I’m not advanced enough to know how I would like my tuna steak done (med rare is perfect). Hit Tuscarora about 9 pm and hit the sack.