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Mudro to boot, fairy, gun, moose camp, fourtown. 9 People 6 days
by Aaron79

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 05/30/2012
Entry & Exit Point: Mudro Lake (restricted--no camping on Horse Lake) (EP 22)
Number of Days: 6
Group Size: 9
Trip Introduction:
This was a 6 night trip planned for 3 guys and our sons. It ended up being 5 adults and our kids for a total of 9 people. This being the first trip for the kids and the last two adults added to the trip. The main goal on this trip is to introduce the kids to what we love.
Day 1 of 6
Wednesday May 30th 2012 We woke up around 5:30 at the Cliff Wolds bunk house and headed over to Britons cafe for breakfast. We packed on the carbs with their VERY LARGE pancakes. The food was wonderful. We headed back to Cliff Wolds to head out for EP 22 (Mudro with no camping on Horse). Let me just say now that the guys and Cliff Wolds are wonderful people, especially the owner Ryan. These guys have great gear, food and really know what customer service is. Once we get to EP 23, we were quickly reminded of the amount of rain that the BWCA area has received the previous week. The creek next to the parking lot that feeds Mudro lake was more like white water rapids. I was happy to see that knowing that we will likely have no problems on Moose camp river later in the trip. The paddle on Mudro was a nice short paddle and the portaging began. I have read on here that this is one of the roughest portages around. Everyone was right, very very rocky, up hill, down hill, up hill again and down hill again (this is the 141 rod portage) the two short portages were not much better and with the water being high, just about everyone got wet feet on these portages. Having kids age 13,12,10, and 7 they were limited on what they could carry and with this many people, we were triple portageing! Once done with the three portages we were on our way through Fourtown lake. We did stop on the East campsite on Fourtown where the Car is supposed to be for lunch. We never did find the car though. We ate some Ham sandwiches and headed back out. This is a pretty big lake. The weather was wonderful. Very little wind and temps around 55-60 deg. We push our way through Foutown and head over to the 48 rod portage to Boot lake. This was a pretty easy portage for what I remember. Once on Boot, we stayed on the 3rd camp site coming from Fourtown. It was a OK campsite. Maybe a 3 star. Had plenty of room for 2- 5 man tents and a nice area for the fire. For dinner, we had some 10 oz ribeyes over the open fire. They were GOLDEN! Tasted so good! Mudro Lake, Fourtown Lake, Boot Lake Mudro Lake, Fourtown Lake, Boot Lake, Fairy Lake, Gun Lake, Bullet Lake, Moosecamp Lake