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From the Lake of Galilee to the Lake of Quetico
by Davkumi

Trip Type: Paddling Canoe
Entry Date: 07/26/2013
Entry & Exit Point: Quetico
Number of Days: 8
Group Size: 5
Trip Introduction:
I live about six miles from the Lake of Galilee in Israel. I joined up for a Quetico trip with Ron through the site. It was a big decision to make the long journey, as my wife, who is my paddling partner for 43 years, encouraged me that it was time to go with some other men. So I bought the ticket in May for our July trip, a flight from Tel Aviv via Warsaw to Chicago, where Ron and others would meet me for the two day drive to our Beaverhouse entry. We are a group of five men, all in our 60's, only two knew each other previously, but we all have this common love for the Northwoods wilderness. What some people won't do to paddle in the Quetico, 6500 miles in each direction!
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Here is a photo of the Lake of Galilee. As you can see, very different from Quetico Lake!

The twenty four hour, eight time zone, trip goes smoothly, and I get a good nights sleep at a Chicago, O'hare airport motel. I am ready for my pick up on Thursday by Ron our group leader.

We spend the day driving across beautiful, green, Wisconsin. As we approach Superior the weather deteriorates to thunderstorms, and past Duluth we see hail along the road side like it was snow plowed! What are we heading into?