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Hiking across the border
by MN_Lindsey

Trip Type: Hiking
Entry Date: 10/10/2022
Entry & Exit Point: Other
Number of Days: 6
Group Size: 2
Day 2 of 6
Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Woke up and decided right away to skip breakfast until we got to Bridal Veil Falls, one of the major highlights of the trip. It was our first destination of the day and we were quite excited!

On the way, like little flower girls, was a sea of tall white puffy wildflowers resembling a dandelion head that we walked through along the trail. Gently seeding more of the land as our bodies brushed along them.

We continued through the burn area, and soon we were greeted with the spur trail down to the falls.

It was a steep decent, and I was really hoping the falls would be worth the effort. I had seen the falls in photos, but in real life, it was something so much more special, so much more magnificent.

Much taller than I imagined stood bridal veil falls, with a beautiful birch tree, in its full golden glory, leaves gently falling as autumn passes by. On instagram I have a Reel that shows the leaves gently falling and the sound of the waterfall set to some classical music.

I enjoyed a cold brew (coffee) near the creek along with a protein shake, and Honeystinger waffle, watching more leaves fall to the earth. I could have sat here forever.

After a while, we finally tore ourselves away from the falls, and trudged back up the hill to the main trail. Our parting gift from the ‘wedding’ breakfast was a vista of Gunflint Lake along with Suacer & Frances Bay.

After that was mostly ups, and downs, and ups and downs. Today would be the warmest day, and I even got to hike in a short sleeved top (first and only time on the trip). Today’s campsite was going to be Topper Lake, but with our adjusted mileage, we were now aiming for Partridge Lake East.

Personally I wanted to camp at South Lake, but we needed to add the mileage so our next day wouldn’t be so long.

We were excited on the map to see a low area near Mucker Lake, and thought it would be an easy walk, but instead it was a low lying area that just got our shoes completely wet. It was full of fresh moose tracks (not ice cream), and extremely large bear tracks with long claws!

Back up to the high ridges once more, and before descending 0.3 miles to our campsite, we had a beautiful view of Rat & Rose Lake.

The spur to our campsite on Partridge looked like a bomb had gone off due to the 2018 blowdown in the area. I thought of that father and son, and anyone else that was up near this area and Duncan during that storm.

The sky and landscape were spooky as hundreds of overturned trees looked like perfect dens for all kinds of wildlife. We gently announced ourselves with a little “bop, bop, bop” or a “Yoo Hooo”… as we waked to our campsite. We even had a beaver dam to cross before we arrived.

The campsite itself was in someways charming, and looked almost like it was on a river since the lake was so skinny. Dinner tonight was Cranberry, Turkey & Rice, once again from Camp Chow.

We got in our tent/sleeping bag, and fell asleep to thunder & lightening, and rain with dropping temps!