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       Trip Report - Sioux Hustler September 15-17 2017
Date/Time: 07/23/2024 03:19PM
Trip Report - Sioux Hustler September 15-17 2017

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GeneH 10/16/2020 03:00PM
Good, concise report. Thanks. I might be on the Sioux Hustler in a couple weeks and will probably go CCW.
PaulFolsom 08/16/2018 04:11PM
I think itll be easier when the leaves are off to find the trail. No brush blocking the trail. I only remember cairns in one spot. Its where the trail turns north sharp on the south east corner of the loop. The corner where you either head north to the falls or shell lake has a rock next to a tree. Its a pretty well used trail. I found trail finding pretty easy compared to what people were saying on the internet. Last year when I did it there had been several trail crews that had gone thru. This year I only know of one crew that did clearing south of shell and one crew that went up from the parking lot. The DNR logged a portion on the trail right before the entering the BWCA, this section may be hard to navigate. Also there was a couple of big storms this summer that may have created problems on the trail.
Let me know how it goes, I want to do it again this fall.
TominMpls 09/17/2017 03:53PM
Awesome, thanks for the report. Were there cairns or other markings at places where it might be difficult to find the trail? It can be hard to find cairns on Angleworm, but there are plenty of them to help you if you're attentive; is the same true on Sioux-Hustler? Also, how hard do you think it'll be to follow the trail once the leaves are off?
PaulFolsom 09/17/2017 03:22PM
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Trip Name: Sioux Hustler September 15-17 2017.

Entry Point: Other

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