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       Trip Report - In The Woods - Quetico 1987
Date/Time: 07/23/2024 12:20PM
Trip Report - In The Woods - Quetico 1987

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johno 12/09/2022 03:12PM
Very well written, thanks!
520eek 12/03/2022 08:41PM
I enjoyed the narrative, thank you!
larsonv1435 11/18/2022 04:30AM
Thanks for taking the time to write. I'm so glad you enjoyed this.
larsonv1435 11/18/2022 04:28AM
I just found your message. Thank you for the nice response. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm not your usual trip-poster.
jillpine 05/26/2020 08:40AM
Thanks for sharing this. Really enjoyed it and so relatable, on so many levels. So enjoyable - thanks for taking the time to share it.
RetiredDave 05/23/2020 05:40PM
Fun and funny, thank you!

Wally13 05/20/2020 11:00PM
Enjoyed your trip report. Thanks for posting.
straighthairedcurly 05/15/2020 09:14AM
Funny and enjoyable read :)
rdgbwca 05/12/2020 07:47PM
Sounds like the memories lasted a life time.
johno 05/12/2020 03:48PM
Very well, and humorously, written! The photos were great
missmolly 05/10/2020 03:48PM
What a fun read!
Northwoodsman 05/10/2020 03:26PM
Great story and narrative. I could read this stuff all day! Thanks for posting.
TrailZen 05/10/2020 01:53PM
I just slipped away from our backyard project for coffee & CFOT (computer eff-off time), and nearly sprayed my computer screen reading this. Thanks for sharing a wonderful & hilarious trip report. Great to hear that the first camping trip led to many more, and I hope that some of them were back in the BWCA/Q. I'll read the report to my wife this evening.

adam 05/10/2020 12:48PM
excellent! Thanks for sharing.
larsonv1435 05/10/2020 12:17PM
New Trip Report posted by larsonv1435

Trip Name: In The Woods - Quetico 1987.

Entry Point: Quetico

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