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       Trip Report - winter Camping Gunflint Trail
Date/Time: 09/29/2020 06:27PM
Trip Report - winter Camping Gunflint Trail

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arctic 02/11/2011 07:11PM
Fun read, Bobsled. I've done several winter trips on Duncan and Rose and really enjoy that area, although Duncan has become a zoo due to easy access.

There is a great portage between Rose Lake and Arrow Lake in Ontario and tremendous views from the bluffs overlooking Arrow Lake. Too bad you need an RABC permit to get over there now, and with the US paranoid about floods of illegals and terrorists sneaking in from Canada, I wouldn't go over without the permit.

I can totally relate to the flooding issue you guys had. A buddy and I had a similar experience on Knife a few winters ago when we drill ice holes through a foot-and-a half of ice under deep snow. The water just poured out of the holes and flooded several ACRES of lake ice. It was tough to keep our footwear dry, but we caught some very nice trout and a big pike.
bobsled 02/10/2011 02:28PM
- The weather was actually very nice. The low on Friday night was roughly around 20 and the high on sat was probably about 30. Coldest it got was roughly 15 and that was on the walk out, but that was a blessing :)

As for Fish, I will not post all the fish :), but here is our Saturday morning catch.
Wetlander 02/10/2011 01:56PM
Na... honest mistake
TuscaroraBorealis 02/10/2011 01:54PM
quote Wetlander: "I think he said 5 inches... 5 feet would be a lot like swimming!

I am headed to Rose in about a month so thanks for conditions update.

Any fish pics?"

LOL yeah my bad. senility setting in early I guess? :)
SevenofNine 02/10/2011 12:49PM
Thanks for sharing. It's nice to see the trials and tribulations of Ice Fishermen.
Ho Ho 02/10/2011 12:40PM
That was a fun report! Glad you guys got the tent moved before the pressurized lake water soaked it. What were the temperatures like?

alpine525 02/10/2011 12:32PM
Nice trip report - sounds like you had a lot of fun. I've hiked the Stairway Portage in the summer - but would never think of doing it when it's covered with snow!
Wetlander 02/10/2011 12:14PM
I think he said 5 inches... 5 feet would be a lot like swimming!

I am headed to Rose in about a month so thanks for conditions update.

Any fish pics?
TuscaroraBorealis 02/10/2011 11:28AM
I bet 5 feet of standing water made you take notice?! YIKES!!! Glad it didn't ruin your trip. Going down/up stairway portage had to be interesting:)

Nice report and photos. Thanx for sharing

bobsled 02/10/2011 09:05AM
New Trip Report posted by bobsled

Trip Name: winter Camping Gunflint Trail.

Entry Point: 60

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