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06/20/2018 11:31AM  
New Trip Report posted by Solobob1

Trip Name: Quetico solo ... sort of..

Entry Point: Quetico

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06/20/2018 02:31PM  
Thanks for the nice report, Bob. I enjoyed reading it and hearing that you had a great trip. Eagerly looking forward to mine after reading your report.
06/20/2018 02:57PM  
Cool to see your dog in the canoe. Thanks for the write up.
06/20/2018 08:15PM  
It's always nice when things happen that you don't expect and really make the trip something special. Thanks for the write up Bob and the pics. I'm just curious what you were eating on the trip? Did you bring in real eggs? Any bacon?

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06/20/2018 08:27PM  
Very cool, thanks for sharing! We've got a dog, but she's never been in a canoe yet...

Any fish pictures?
06/21/2018 06:04AM  
BTW Bob, that is an awesome canoe you have. What is the length of that?

And Jake seems to be a perfect tripping companion. How did he do meeting the strangers? When I take my girl we won't see people for days at a time in the interior and then suddenly see people on a portage trail and it unnerves her where she will be afraid and bark. Normally she never barks at people.

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06/21/2018 06:26AM  
Hey Tom,
My boat is a 15 foot prospector from Headwaters Canoe. It is built off the original Chestnut forms, so basically what Chestnut called the Ranger model. I find it to be an outstanding solo for tripping with a dog. It is great for fishing, it tracks straight, but is so nimble on the twisties and is good in the wind while not being overly trim sensitive.

As to Jake, he is a wonderful tripping companion. He will alert when a canoe is near camp, or if another person is on the port with us, but after reassurance by me, he calms down and remains friendly.

I tripped with 2 dozen eggs and bacon both. I use the grease in the pa;n to mix with Jakes food for his breakfast.

Tom, you should really give Voyageur Wilderness Programmer a look, they are amazing and once there you already in the bush, it is a great way to start a trip (and end one). They love dogs and are very understanding. Sometimes they even shuttle people and their canoes over to the Pickeral Narrows area you like to explore.

On top of all this, they are less expensive that a hotel in Atikokan, can get you your permit and fishing license, it is an awesome outfitter man, honestly.

I look forward to seeing you at the Copia show, would like to talk about tripping together, maybe with our dogs next year.

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06/21/2018 06:56AM  
I forgot to mention what else I ate. I had peanut butter, and individually prepared homemade dehydrated meals consisting of ground venison and hamberger helper for supper. I ate Knorr rice meals with fish and coffee for lunches, eaggs, bacon, coffee and breakfast bars in the morning, and of course gorp. I used to bake a lot of bannock on my trips, but have not done that for a few years now.

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06/25/2018 03:21PM  
Nice report Bob. Here is some of the rest of the story.... I was in one of the camps you visited. I will try to post some pics for you. We enjoyed your visits.
The young man who found your knife is Ethan, 11 years old and on his first canoe trip with his dad. Ethan is very smart and a tough paddler. I will try to do a trip report of my own but am not likely to get to it until Dec or Jan. Ethan enjoyed learning how to start a fire with a steel and strike and cotton balls. He practiced a lot and is getting good at it. There may well be more canoe trips in his future. Thank you for rewarding him for finding and returning your knife.
BTW, Jake was a gentleman too. You are both always be welcome in our camp.
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06/26/2018 07:27AM  

How awesome of you to make the post and add pictures. I showed my wife, she is so glad I had such a great trip. I think of Ethan a lot, he sure is a great boy. Your entire camp were pretty good folks, Jake is in full agreement. If you or anyone in your group ever wanted to do the copia show in Madison, let me know, I will help you out all I can.

Tell Ethan hello for me, and keep practicing with his striker. I hope to meet your group in the bush again sometime.

06/26/2018 09:30AM  
very relaxing trip report. i love reports of trips with dogs and especially the photos. always wonder what the dogs are thinking when they are looking off across the lake.
great to hear about the camp on nym, didn't know that existed.

hopefully you'll get more photos from people you met on the route.
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07/01/2018 06:51AM  
Thanks for sharing. Very nice report. Wish I had a friend like Jake. I have had dogs but my next one is going to school. Maybe because I had 5 kids around. Too many distractions. Also, thanks for the recomendation on vwp. If I get up there i will stop in.
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07/01/2018 09:24PM  
Great report thanks for sharing and the info about VWP

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07/04/2018 09:53PM  
Cool report and beautiful boat!
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