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07/13/2018 06:52PM  
New Trip Report posted by Johnh

Trip Name: 30 days in Quetico.

Entry Point: Quetico

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07/14/2018 08:12AM  
That was really great John, thanks! I loved all the underwater shots too.

07/14/2018 09:56AM  
Nice video John. I enjoyed watching it.
07/14/2018 02:41PM  
Great video!
senior member (56)senior membersenior member
07/19/2018 07:11PM  
Great Video makes me want to get my butt up north.
07/20/2018 08:53AM  
I'm curious, you say 16 days of food for you and your dog was 50 lbs, how are you feeding your dog up there at such low weight? I'm not a dog owner but love the idea of taking a dog in, and have wondered about food.
07/24/2018 07:07PM  
Tom -

My dog weighs about 42 pounds. At home she gets two cups a day of dry food which weighs about half a pound. I take a little less than that but also take some dog treats which I give her at breakfast and lunch. My dinners are pretty big so I put some on top of her dinner and mix it in. If she finishes her dinner I put more in the next night. If she leaves a little in the dish I know she got enough. Given all that I can feel her ribs better at the end of the trip so I know she loses some weight but I do also so it seems okay.

Dogs are good to take as long as they don’t rock the boat. They love running the portage trails, laying around camp and combing the woods for whatever they can find.

My food is 2.5 pounds per day. I have done a bunch of trips and it is always right about there.
distinguished member(583)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/25/2018 09:56PM  
Great photos!!
08/02/2018 12:59PM  
Great video. That led to me watching all the rest of them. Great music choices to go with the great footage.
08/03/2018 12:06PM  
Thanks, Hooky. I like making them but it is really worth doing when people appreciate it. I do put a fair amount of thought into the music mostly because picking the songs is fun. The last song I remembered from a Doobie Brothers cassette that I had in about 1978. I remembered it because my dad said he liked it one day when I was playing it which was one of the few things we agreed on back then. The cassette is long gone so I had to buy the song on my daughter’s iTunes account. It took three generations to get that song in the video.
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