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07/18/2018 08:16PM
Just joined and am amazed at all of the info! Making my first trip with my 20 year old son in mid September and will be on the Moose Lake chain; looks amazing and very excited. Wondering if leeches are available that time of year there? Thanks!
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07/18/2018 08:28PM
Welcome to the site!

Don't have info on that particular area, but leeches should still be available from my experience.
07/18/2018 08:50PM
Another welcome. You have picked a wonderful time of the year to visit the BWCA. And while I make no guarantee, I am pretty sure leeches will be available. The reservation season does not end until the end of September so there are still plenty of folks in the area.
senior member (64)senior membersenior member
07/18/2018 09:36PM
I'll leave the leech supply to others, as I've never been there in September, but I'm hoping to change that this year. You are going at a phenomenal time. Have a wonderful trip with your son, and please report back on how the trip went if you'd like.
07/18/2018 11:05PM
Thanks all for the welcomes and the info! Super pumped to get there and will be there nearly two weeks.
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07/19/2018 12:04AM
I imagine they're available -- but thinning out. They do down here (in central MN), and the price goes up pretty quickly as the supply goes down. I've never bought them up there that time of year, so don't quote me.

I usually buy a pound or three for all of my fall fishing and then just keep them alive in the fridge. That doesn't work for some people('s wives/husbands/partners), but it works for me and mine.
distinguished member (141)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/19/2018 12:09AM
We got leaches in mid September in ely last year, they were very small.
07/20/2018 03:06PM
You can buy leeches, but as the water cools in the fall, leeches don't like it and just ball up on your hook. I have found fish don't bite them as much as summer time. Also make sure you have a very secure leech locker for them as the mink, otter are very good at getting into them. If you really want to use leaches try Gulp or similar brand fake leeches. They do work well. That being said, I have had better luck with minnows that time of year. Again I like using the scented fake baits instead of live. Way easier to portage and you don't have to keep them alive, and the mink, turtles and others don't eat them all. Have a great time.
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07/20/2018 06:45PM
There are at least two Moose Lakes in the BWCA. I first assumed you meant EP22 and Moose, Newfound and Sucker. Now I’m not sure.
Captn Tony
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07/21/2018 05:58AM
If you can't find leaches, just take up crawlers. It cool enough that time of year that they should survive the whole trip. Just keep them in the shade during the day.
07/21/2018 03:10PM
Yes, I meant Moose, Newfound, Sucker...
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