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Arkansas Man
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10/21/2008 04:01PM  
Let me know what you think about both!! Which is better in your mind? Bead and cove or Square and plane to fit?
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10/22/2008 11:05AM  
I've not done bead-n-cove. I had no experience with either when we built Chris' canoe so this by itself made me an instant expert! :)

There's many arguments pro and con for both and sometimes the opinions are more fortified than logical.

In the end it will greatly depend on what the builder wants to do.

We had remarkable success with rolling bevel on our first build. Pictures and documentation are on my build page.
Kestrel Build Page

Remember I've not had any experience with bead and cove but I saw a lot of builders in mourning over how the gaps opened up when they were sanding. We had some gaps too from incorrect (in-experienced?) beveling but not near as bad as some I've seen from bead and cove gaps not properly fitted.

A beveling jig is really quite easy to set up. And I think the amount of time we didn't spend trying to get the bead and cove centered and adjusted freed us up to do other things.

Plus I don't have a decent router table. Or a decent router for that matter!

Would I do rolling bevel again? Absolutely! In fact next time we'll go stapless as well. Why? Cuz I think I can and I want to. Simple as that.
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