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10/22/2008 11:06AM  
Hey all,

In answering the tools question I went back to my diary I kept on building my stripper. I'd be willing to share it but it's in a Word document, not quite sure how to upload the thing here.

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distinguished member (257)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
10/22/2008 11:25AM  
You may be able to do a "save as" from Word to a .txt file and open that in Notebook or another very simple text editor. That will flush all the obnoxious codes from MS Word.

Then you should be able to cut and paste from Notebook to this web site.

When I did our last trip report it was done in a simple text editor and pasted to whatever website I was posting to. Sometimes a website will time-out your connection and everything you typed up in the last 45 minutes just disappeared! Cutting and pasting from a simple text editor program can save you a lot of grief.
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