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10/26/2008 08:54PM  
Have random widths of Lind (Basswood) already bandawn into slabs that are 2 3/8" thick. (What was I thinking?) 1. If I split these into 1 1/8+, then plane to 1" or a hair over (bandsaw takes a fine kerf) won't these still bend? Clear Basswood 1/4 x 1+ x 21. 2. After I rip, don't I plane to uniform thickness of 1/4? or just rip carefully and let the sanding take care of it. I'm planning on cove and bead. I have some pink douglas fir from demo heartwood beams (1912)that is near clear (a few pencil LEAD size knots on some) planed to 15/16. These are long boards as well. Will they bend? #3. Has anyone ever bent 3-4' cherry? Steam pipe?
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10/27/2008 09:13AM  
For ripping on a band saw, would you be able to attach a fence to it to control your cut for uniform thickness?
10/27/2008 04:42PM  
Not sure. It is actually a friend's. A big portable sawmill. He talked like no big deal, but may rip,turn 1/4 etc. according to grain. He will be setting up in February if not too cold to saw a few logs up. I dropped the lindwood over a year ago, had it sawn up, and playing with it. Probably cheaper if I count my time to have just bought wood, but I'm in no hurry.
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