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      Trip Report - EP 23 Mudro to Beartrap Loop     



senior member (83)senior membersenior member
08/31/2018 11:24PM  
New Trip Report posted by deadriver

Trip Name: EP 23 Mudro to Beartrap Loop.

Entry Point: 23

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09/01/2018 05:53AM  
Thanks, I enjoyed your trip report. It was very similar to my trip there several years ago. I stayed at the same camp on Moosecamp. Glad you had a good trip.
distinguished member (333)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/01/2018 07:21AM  
Awesome photos and report!
senior member (83)senior membersenior member
09/01/2018 12:21PM  
Thanks for reading! I can see why this area is so popular. Very scenic and lots of options for routes/day trips.
09/09/2018 09:14PM  
Dang that's a ton of rain!

Great photos.
09/17/2018 06:08PM  
Very nice report, we stayed at the same site on Gun
distinguished member(2710)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/05/2018 03:45PM  
Enjoyed the pictures and the report.
Had that site on Moosecamp and the lake to myself, too. Very nice campsite.
senior member (91)senior membersenior member
12/07/2018 03:11PM  
Great pics! Looks like you had a good time.

I was befuddled by a group paddling into Beartrap Lake last summer as well. I was packing up camp on the lake when they came by and headed straight to the portage to the Beartrap River. I knew it was there as that's where we were going, but I was surprised to see another group taking this route that is not on all of the maps. Judging by the condition of the portages between Beartrap and Peterson Bay and how often I see this route brought up on this website, I believe this route is used more often than most think.

The Beartrap River flows from Beartrap Lake into the Sundial Lake PMA. From Sunday Lake there is an old portage going north into Crooked's Sunday Bay. You can also travel the river all the way to Peterson Bay on Iron Lake, as I did, or go through Stirling and a couple smaller lakes to get to Stuart Lake. I have also heard of taking Spring Creek all the way from the Angleworm Trail to the Beartrap River just west of Beartrap Lake.
distinguished member (258)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/08/2018 10:09AM  
Nice report. We traveled the same route a couple years ago. Ended up staying on Gull. Walleye fishing was great there. Never fished Thunder, couldn’t find any fishing reports on it. Said next time we want to stay on Fairy a couple days.
member (25)member
12/18/2018 05:01PM  
I know what that survey marker is and probably why it was placed. Quite a few areas of the BWCA were logged prior to its establishment as a wilderness, and the area that you traveled in is definitely one of them as evidenced by the remains of logging activity found at some lakes. Whether the government leased or sold the land to timber companies, they would have had surveyors come in and break the land down into townships and sections using the Public Land Survey System so the loggers knew which land was theirs to log. The marker you show is one of the section corners they set. The particular one you posted is in Township 65 North, on the line between Ranges 11 and 12 West. It is the corner of sections 7 and 18 in Range 11.

There's a couple more corners around Beartrap Lake that I found using survey notes from the BLM. The corners basically have no use now that they are interior to a wilderness but they did serve a purpose at one point.
distinguished member(973)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/18/2018 10:19PM  
Nice report! I've stayed on three of the same campsites your company did. Moosecamp Lake & River are great - feel very isolated to be so close to an entry point.

Great pictures. Compliments to the record keeper!
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