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member (8)member
09/19/2018 06:57PM  
New Trip Report posted by aj1959

Trip Name: Isabella - 35 to Kawishiwi River - 32.

Entry Point: 35

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distinguished member (337)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/20/2018 08:38AM  
Sounds and looks like an awesome trip!
distinguished member(2872)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/22/2018 05:03AM  
Nice crisp and clear photos that are inviting, to say the least. Enjoyed the read.
senior member (76)senior membersenior member
09/22/2018 09:28PM  
Did this route in 2014, made a YouTube video for this trip. There's two open campsites on Quadga Lake...the first one to the right on the point is very nice. (The other is across the lake near the hiking trail.) We liked Quadga Lake so much we went back a couple years later..(Hog Creek to Little Isabella takeout). There's bass and pike in Quadqa, an otter family & a beaver that swims by the camp like clockwork every night.

Regarding the "gunshot". I have had this experience several times, last year on the South Kawishiwi and once in Wabakimi on a project trip. Maybe, but I don't think I was hearing an actual gunshot; though it sure sounds like one! Might be some kind thing where a tree goes over in a certain way...(total speculation). I wonder if others have heard "gunshots" randomly in the wilds???

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