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Guest Paddler
09/20/2018 09:30AM  
Our group arrived on Knife Lake on 9/12/18.

After portaging from Eddy to Knife our group stopped to check out the first campsite to the west. On the fire grate was a hand written message on the piece of paper.

Bear seen in camp 9/11/18. “Scared off “, then came back no more than 10 minutes later. Do Not stay. He is not social to you. Be Safe.

We paddled out and found another campsite further down the lake. The bear was not sited.

I would like to thank the person who wrote the message. I’ve had a few bear encounters and given the warning did not want another one.

Any one else have a run in with this bear?
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member (14)member
09/20/2018 05:02PM  
Saw a recent post about knife lake bears on Trip Planning topic. Sounds like jmedlin might be the one who left the note.
member (13)member
09/21/2018 11:51AM  
Haha, glad you found the note. That was my group that left it. I wonder if it survived the storm on 9/12, I used Rite in the Rain paper.

09/21/2018 08:47PM  
Unreal. That is awful nice to leave such a note. Another pay it forward!
distinguished member(552)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/21/2018 09:37PM  
Uh oh. Is that note considered LNT:)
member (13)member
09/21/2018 10:01PM  
Zwater: "Uh oh. Is that note considered LNT:)"

Lol, someone had to say it.

I called the ranger station to tell them about the bear and they were happy that we left a note. So I guess bear notes are an acceptable LNT violation according to the forest service.
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