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11/12/2018 05:20PM  
Hey guys and gals. Hope all has been well.

So i have 6 or 7 solo trips under me now all lasting from 7 to 12 days.. My weakest parts of my slgame was always making fire ..Navigation was a bit weak also . But I have both much more down now so I want to expand my next trip a bit. Quetico somewhere.. 15 days in late may and want to do it "Hoop" style for those that watch his stuff. Cooking all my meals using wood when ever possible.. .I am tired of lugging those canisters around. I've learned a ton from that guy. Anyway i want to try using an alcohol stove for rainy days and I dont know what I should carry my fuel in ? A bottle of some sort. Hoop was using a red canister that was the perfect size but he mentioned they are no longer made. And I've found nothing that looks like it would be long lasting on line. What do you guys use ? And what alcohol stove do I buy ? Thanks
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11/12/2018 07:07PM  
Google Fancee Feest stove. You can thank me later.
11/12/2018 07:45PM  
I like the Trangia burner. It has a screw on lid so you don't have to empty it every time. I have an old nalgene fuel bottle I use that they don't make anymore so can't help you there.
11/12/2018 08:09PM  
A bottle to carry alcohol in? Can't you use just about anything? How about an empty plastic soda pop bottle?
11/12/2018 08:10PM  
How much alcohol do you plan to take? When I used my alcohol stove, I just took it in an old water bottle or a fuel bottle.
11/12/2018 08:18PM  
I have used a Trangia stove for years. I have discovered the hard way that the Trangia fuel canisters are the best because most others are made for white gas, not alcohol.

Alcohol can dry out the seals of other bottles leaving you with fuel leaks in your pack. I found this out the hard way, so I use Trangia bottles intended for alcohol.

You could also buy a few containers of "Heet" gas line antifreeze and just keep the fuel in the bottles, sealed until needed.
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11/12/2018 08:59PM  
Mike that type of bottle is non existent.. I've searched high and low. Maybe I am just SOL.. Thanks for the stove tIp.
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11/12/2018 09:09PM  
A.W Yes Heet is what I want to try 1st. I know that is right about wearing out seals so that is why I was searching around..I could just use an old bottle from whatever but that's no fun.
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11/12/2018 10:42PM  
I use my stove for heating water only and find no weight or space saving advantage of alcohol compared to butane. I prefer alcohol for warm weather solo trips and butane for tadem trips or cold weather.

I use heet with my alcohol stove and choose a fuel container with the capacity to meet my need and shape for ease of carry. My fuel containers have no rubber seals and have never leaked.

11/12/2018 11:15PM  
wvevans, who is Hoop?
11/12/2018 11:39PM  
Hoop runs a website/forum dedicated to winter camping called He also does some cool, long canoe trips in remote parts of Canada and post the videos on his Wintertrekking YouTube channel.
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11/13/2018 06:43AM  
SevenofNine: "Google Fancee Feest stove. You can thank me later."
i own 2, my go to stove. i boil water on my trips, this stove is all i need. i bought 2 plastic fuel bottles on the vargo website, fill those at home, then take an un-open plastic bottle of yellow heet, i may take 2 if it is a longer trip.
once the vargo bottles are empty, i open a heet and refill.
vargo bottles do not leak. opened yellow heet bottles will.
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11/13/2018 07:34AM  
As others have suggested, the FanceeFeast is lightweight, easy to operate. If you're only bringing it for backup, you won't need more than a few ounces of alcohol, as one ounce will boil enough water to rehydrate a meal, or make coffee/oatmeal.

I was laid up for a few days this fall and passed some time watching YouTube videos on camp stoves -- lots of ideas out there. Made a FanceeFeast (took about 15 minutes) and have been playing with it in various conditions, my first experience with an alcohol-burner. Now I'm making a little side-burner alcohol stove out of two Coke cans. Next a DIY twig-burner. Fun hobby or the winter season.
11/13/2018 03:00PM  
Is he Wintertrekker?
11/13/2018 07:58PM  
minnmike: " Is he Wintertrekker? "

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11/14/2018 05:55PM  
Best that I have found are the hydrogen peroxide bottles. Stronger than almost any other plastic bottle, good seal, cheap and they come in many sizes.
11/20/2018 11:36AM  
I’m just getting into the Fancee Feest stove game too and I’m wondering, would a 4 oz plastic Nalgene bottle with screw top lid work for a fuel bottle? I’ve got several of these laying around and I see know reason why that wouldn’t work. Ive never had leaks with these bottles (I usually bring cooking oil in them).

Thanks in advance for any input.

11/20/2018 12:55PM  
They should work fine, Tony. I never had a problem with old water/pop bottles, but that was when they were a little more substantial. I always put them in a Ziploc bag for extra insurance.
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11/21/2018 06:48AM  
Wvevan, you live in Cottage Grove?? How come I don't remember this? I might have on of those red containers you spoke of. Red plastic nalgene not in production any more? Email me. We are close!! Pete
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11/21/2018 10:05AM  
I burn HEET fuel line additive in my stoves. It burns clean and efficient. Just don’t make the mistake of using the HEET bottle as a fuel storage: yes it has a screw top, but it is not meant to be resealed multiple times and will leak fuel.
11/21/2018 10:28AM  
Photos of a set I use on hikes. Fancee Feest home made burner, Nalgene bottle for fuel, squirt bottle for measure and filling, wind screen, mug. Simmilar to several comments.

Alcohol fuel stores well in lots of different plastic containers. Stove is just a couple of cans a piece of carbon fiber welding mat and some trimming.
I do use this often for day hikes, but take a liquid fuel stove on multi day trips.

11/21/2018 09:48PM  
I use this website for my business. I'm sure you can get what you need here.

US Plastics

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11/26/2018 07:25AM
distinguished member(4638)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
11/26/2018 09:13AM  
I like the smaller mid sized nalgene plastic bottles. Sturdy and a decent sized mouth for filling and dispensing. Plus a secure twist on lid. Variety of sizes and cheap enough at REI.

I always use a tiny plastic measuring cup like what you would use with cough medicine and have the proper amount already figured out so I don't have to waste any. An eye dropper is handy for any leftover fuel.

I believe the Caldera Cone is hands down the best alcohol set up out there. Extremely efficient and not subject to wind, the weak link in most alcohol set ups.

As per building fires or using a twig stove I like using the wet fire tinder cubes. Practically weightless and fire is guaranteed without much hassle.
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