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11/15/2018 10:45AM  
This is a piece that is inspired by a photo I took on Mountain Lake, when I was on a trip with my sons. We were paddling out at sun up, and this eagle was perched in a dying white pine, about 30 feet above the lake. I paddled toward him, and eventually underneath his tree.
Just before I passed underneath him, I took a photo. Since then, I've always wanted to paint the scene, but other projects always seemed to get in the way...Till now.

I still have just a couple small details to do, and I will be done. It should happen tonight.
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11/22/2018 10:36AM  
Awesome, I really like it.
The dying WP looks so realistic.
01/04/2019 11:57AM  
lindentree: "Awesome, I really like it.
The dying WP looks so realistic."

01/04/2019 01:27PM  
01/04/2019 07:00PM  
Really nice work.
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