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12/31/2018 12:48PM
Please post lost and found items for 2019 on this thread. Please avoid posting unnecessary commentary or humor on this thread so that it can accomplish helping people get their stuff back.

For past reference here is a link to the
2018 Lost and Found Thread

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distinguished member(712)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
03/31/2019 10:01PM
I found a pair of Marmot black rainpants, size XXL. They were at the end of the trail from the North Arm Road to Slim.
member (24)member
06/01/2019 03:35PM
BOX OF FLIES, found at Ram Lake, west campsite. Due to some rust and the way the feathers are matted, it looked to me like they might have been there all winter.
06/11/2019 05:07PM
Lost. Orange Pelican Case, digital camera inside. Clear Plano tackle box. Lures and tackle inside. Will pay for return.
06/15/2019 11:38PM
Lost, two fishing poles at the Portage between Alpine and Red Rock lake. One specifically is a custom made with a red/black/white wooden handle and lot of sentimental value. My name is on the pole under the epoxy. Would be willing to give up the other pole to whoever might help me recover the one pole.
distinguished member (168)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/17/2019 09:29AM
Lost--one coffee pot lid, most likely on a rock at campsite #1 on South Hegman lake. Off white in color with kinda little blue flecks, Coleman brand. Not worth much, but I would like to have it again.
distinguished member (144)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/18/2019 08:07PM
Hi all -

Last Sunday, June 16th around 11:30 AM, my group lost 3 spinning rods (no reels) that must have fallen off a trailer in between the Larch Creek lot (EP #80) and the Gunflint Outfitters. One G. Loomis NRX, one Shimano Compre, and one Shimano Crucial.

We had an amazing trip. I brought 7 first timers including 4 - 14 year olds. Kind of a bummer way to end it but I figured the gunflint community may find them.

Thanks in advance and happy paddling!
06/19/2019 07:58PM
Dropped a few magazines, and Paddle to the Amazon book, and a fishing map somewhere between Wood & Indiana. Saw Kanozer in the parking lot, so hopefully, his group got some good use of it. We went back on the portage and looked for it, but couldn't find it.

More posting how sorry I am that I didn't, in fact, leave no trace. Hopefully, someone benefits from the fishing map and has a few good reads. ;-)
distinguished member (168)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/22/2019 10:16AM
Bearpath9: "Lost--one coffee pot lid, most likely on a rock at campsite #1 on South Hegman lake. Off white in color with kinda little blue flecks, Coleman brand. Not worth much, but I would like to have it again. "

Never mind, it turned up. Don't ask.
member (9)member
06/28/2019 09:31PM
Found a small hatchet on the 2nd portage between Koma Lake and Polly Lake on 6/27/19. If it's yours, please send me a message to ID it, and we'd be happy to send it to you.
07/01/2019 06:52AM
Found small daypack with clothes and a red rain jacket on Granite River. At portage landing near Granite Lake.
07/13/2019 09:07AM
Posting for Reid Pettersen

I left my necklace that had an angel fish pendant and my wedding ring on it at campsite #7 just south of Cooper Island on Lake Saganaga a week ago. Does anyone have a trip planned around that route? Let me know and maybe we could coordinate a search and rescue. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Feel free to contact me by phone 612-999-7677
07/29/2019 08:18AM
Lost a bright green youth PFD about an hour up the Nina Moose river from entry point 16 on Thursday, July 25. East bank in a blueberry patch near a rock shelf. It was gone by the time we returned Sunday. Please call/text if you picked it up! 612-296-6922, John.
08/05/2019 08:47PM
Found Fitness Tracker on the way to Nina Moose. Manufacture wont disclose owner, nor take my info to share with owner. I tried to sync it to get info, but it failed. Ide0ntify it, pay the postage and I will mail it. Unfortunately you wont get credit for my steps.

distinguished member(3291)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/06/2019 10:31AM
Lost? On the west end of Alpine. I loaned out my Garcia bear vault to a couple friends of my daughters. Well they left it in a pack over night and a bear dragged it off. They searched the general area with no luck. The barrel has bright orange duck tape around it. Thanks. Pete
08/06/2019 01:24PM
Voyageur Canoe Outfitters has a camera that was found on the portage from Seagull Lake into Alpine. It was brought to us by one of our groups. If anyone is missing a camera give us a call and we can get it back to the proper owner
distinguished member(2073)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/11/2019 09:58AM
Found: PFD on the north end of one of the short portages of the Moose River North on Aug 10. Based on the size and where it was left, I strongly suspect it belonged to a group ahead of me heading toward the Entry Point 16 parking lot. I hoped to catch them in the lot but no luck. Not the lime green one mentioned above. Email me if it's yours.
08/11/2019 11:34AM
This may be long shot, but would love any help... My family was in on Basswood Lake this past week when my husband had a medical emergency late Wednesday night. Long story short we (my husband and I) were med-evacted from upper Basswood Lake (about a mile short of the falls) leaving my parents (age 69 & 67) to pack up camp and paddle out 13ish miles Thursday morning with our kids (ages 12 & 14). In the rush to pack up the campsite, my dad left his blue hip pocket with his red Olympus Tough waterproof camera and binoculars at the campsite. The camera has all our memories from the trip before the medical emergency. I know this is a long shot, but if anyone sees it or hears of anyone finding it we would be forever grateful. I don't have the campsite number, but we were camped in section 29 of map F-10 - the campsite on the south part of the peninsula.

PS, and unrelated to the lost item, but huge thank you to the volunteer search and rescue who came out to evaluate my husband to the hospital. He is doing much better and will make a full recovery. I was truly overwhelmed by all the people who spent the better part of the middle of the night to evacuate a total stranger.
08/11/2019 11:14PM
Lost — An entire pack (yeah, I know) on a portage between Lac la Croix and Nina Moose Lake on Sunday 8/11. Even if it's found, I don't know who would want to haul it out of there, but thought we'd see if anyone came across it. Unsure of exact location lost since it was a group of people taking turns with a ton of bags, but can describe in further detail (contents, etc.) if helpful to verify ownership. Working on narrowing down location more closely and will update if possible.
Thank you!

EDIT — Someone found it for us! Yay!
senior member (53)senior membersenior member
08/20/2019 10:14AM
Found - fishing pole in Quetico. Describe pole and where it was lost so it can be returned.
senior member (66)senior membersenior member
08/24/2019 06:03PM
Lost: Oakley sunglasses, Flak Jaket frame. Lost them at Mudro Entry. Please let me know if you found them
member (6)member
08/24/2019 11:46PM
Found on 8/23/19: A pair of white plastic athletic-style slip-on sandals, mens, possibly Adidas (black lettering). Sitting on a rock at the portage between Jitterbug and Ahsub.
member (39)member
09/01/2019 06:56PM
FOUND: On Thursday 8/29 we found some nice tarp poles on the little sandy beach at campsite #407 on Red Rock Lake. Please describe, to the best of your ability, the poles, the brand, and what type of bags they are in. I am in Apple Valley and can deliver them if you are within 60 miles of me.
member (32)member
09/03/2019 10:07AM
Found: 8/31/19 on portage between Shell and Lower Pauness - iPhone in black protective case.
member (32)member
09/06/2019 09:35AM
Found: section of tent poles at the Lower Pauness end of the portage to Shell. Packed out on 8/31/19.
09/08/2019 09:37PM
Found 9/8/19: knife lying in the middle of a landing on the Arrowhead Tail. Waited for a group tying down Wenonah canoe, suspect it was theirs. Describe it and I'll get it to you.
09/12/2019 05:39PM
Lost a leather bracelet at the first campsite above Twin Falls on the Maligne .
senior member (73)senior membersenior member
09/27/2019 11:04PM
Found - orange rope and storage bag for bear bag. Found at a campsite on Fourtown Lake on 9/19/2019. Direct message me if it is yours.
09/29/2019 08:33PM
Found on 9/21.....katadyn pump filter on the island campsite on Banadad
10/10/2019 11:16AM
LOST ON 8/16/19 OR 8/17/19 - 64GB SanDisk Ultra micro sd memory card with the first 5 days pictures of my Quetico trip. Red on one side, black on the other. LARGE REWARD IF FOUND!

Has pictures and mainly videos taken with a GoPro Camera from Louisa Falls, Portages, Basswood, and many more. All the file names start with Gopro and should have the above date (8/16/19) on some of the files. May have slipped out of plastic bag at campsite when changing to new memory card or at a portage on way from North bay to Prairie Portage.

Possible Locations: Island with Beach Campsite immediate Southeast of John's Island on North Bay Basswood Lake, portage from North Bay to Burke, Portage from Burke to Bayley Bay Basswood, Prairie Portage.

member (39)member
11/04/2019 06:48PM

I lost my watch on one of the two portages between Four and Fire this past weekend. The band had been having issues lately, so I would guess it failed and the watch fell off somewhere in that area. Between all the ice we had to break through and the fresh snow, I just wasn't able to find it. I would guess no one will find it till next summer, but posting just in case.
03/11/2020 04:03PM
I forgot to post this in August when I found a Nalgene bottle at the Current Falls bay portage on Iron Lake. It has a sticker that says YMCA Camp WARREN Eveleth, MN on it.
member (33)member
05/01/2020 10:49AM
LOST - burgundy stuff-sack with prescription glasses, 2 headlamps, and knife, -- between Gillis Lake and Round Lake, on Tuscarora Loop, on or about 12 or 13 OCTOBER 2019. It was surely left on one of the 6 or 7 portages between Bat lake and Round lake. Approximate size - loaf of bread. reward for return + mailing costs to Minneapolis area. Please contact Chris at and thanks in advance !
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