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02/08/2019 08:39PM
In July 18 a buddy and i went in on Homer Lake and made our way to The site on the north shore of Vern Lake for a few days. This site happened to be across the lake from the mouth of the Vern River. We did an excellent daytrip up the Vern River but due to a late start and a lot of lollygagging and fishing we didn't get that far up the river. On the maps it appears to go on quite a ways further from where we got to before it narrows down and becomes almost impassable on its way to Weird Lake. I would love to go back, get an early start and get much further up the river while still taking the time to enjoy the great fishing and scenery.

We caught numerous walleyes and nice smallmouth along the way and the river itself varies from a wide open waterway to a narrows you could almost jump across. There are some very nice rock outcroppings along the way too. If you are in the area I would highly encourage you to spend some time there, it was a great daytrip i would do again in a heartbeat.

A wide spot on the Vern River

A narrow spot on the Vern River

We caught quite a few walleyes and smallies like these
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02/08/2019 10:58PM
Looks like great weather and some quality time spent in a new location.

Appreciate you sharing.
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