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02/25/2019 09:36PM  
What does your dog use for a sleep system? I plan to have my dog sleep in the tent with me. I'm sure she will need some kind of ground pad and possibly some kind of blanket. I would like to hear a discussion on options for BWCA/backpacking. Weight/bulk. Price. Inflatable? Ect.
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02/26/2019 06:18AM  
Echo just sleeps on my CCS hybrid pack.
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02/26/2019 10:25AM  
I have a fleece sleeping bag I bring for the dog. It packs up pretty small and can be folded as a pad or used as a blanket. If I don't bring that the dog usually starts out sleeping on the end of my sleeping bag but then he works his way up and into my sleeping bag throughout the night.
02/26/2019 07:12PM  
I bring a small maybe 3 ft. X 2 ft. polyfill 1 inch pad and cover it with a small fleece throw blanket. Luna will curl up on it. I use the pad as a back pad in my big pack.
She sleeps in her "pup tent" when I'm in the sleeping hammock.

03/01/2019 08:15AM  
I bring a piece of blue closed cell foam about 30x40 inches or so. It gets folded in half and goes in my Duluth pack against my back for extra padding, then is the base for my dog at night. It's not critical, but I figure sometimes there are pointy rocks or roots so it provides a bit of cushion. Over that I put a piece of my old Boy Scout sleeping bag, about 30x50 inches, zippers removed. In summer warmth isn't an issue, but it helps define "his place", protects "my place", and is helpful if he is wet or dirty at all as its easy to clean and dries quickly. Stuffs in a bag about 8x10 inches easily and weighs about a pound or so.
03/25/2019 09:56AM  

Bernice slept in style... Haha...
Actually I have my old self inflating 48" Thermarest with a sleeve made from an old sleeping bag from my kids... Incredible Hulk... Haha!

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09/14/2019 02:47AM  
I got one of these for can get a pad that fits into it as well. ruffwear dog sleeping bag
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