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      If you have a 4th grader get your free pass     



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05/13/2019 05:09PM  
Don't forget, if you have a 4th graders (either entering 4th grade or leaving 4th grade) you can get a free federal parks, lands and waters pass. This pass lets you in national parks for free, and the BWCA for free. The last time I had a 4th grader I just gave them our pass and they refunded our entire BWCA fee. It includes all the kids in the family and up to 3 adults.

Here is the link
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06/18/2019 01:32PM  
Thanks for the tip, my son just finished 4th grade and we will bring this with us when we pickup our permit from the ranger station!
08/18/2019 09:25AM  
We tried to use the pass at Sawbill Outfitters and they weren't familiar with it. Then, out of curiosity, I called the Tofte Ranger Station and they said it didn't apply to the Boundary Waters. Apparently there are inconsistencies with who honors the pass.
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