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12/30/2008 12:18PM  
Has anyone ever mounted aMad River BWCA Universal Yoke on their aluminum canoe? Mine needs a new yoke and I am considering this one. Other opinions on this?
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12/30/2008 01:52PM  
Don't know if you bought the yoke yet but this is the yoke( Spring Creek seat/yoke ) I would recommend to anyone that is looking to get a new yoke or upgrading.... I have tried different yokes every year and this is the one I will use from now on....

12/30/2008 02:42PM  
I have seen these yokes. They look restrictive to me. Can you leave them attached or do they clamp on and off?
12/30/2008 03:08PM  
BZ, You know that the yoke you have pictured is a removeable yoke, right? That's OK if that's what you want. Make sure that the center thwart doesn't interfer with the yoke. Usually the center thwart is close to where you want the yoke. It could cause a problem.

Does your canoe currently have a "permanent" yoke? If so, you probably don't want a removeable yoke to replace it. A permanent yoke takes the place of the center thwart and adds rigidity to the canoe. I guess you could use the removeable yoke provided you add a new center thwart set aft of the center so the yoke could be used.

You could replace your current yoke with a permanent one similar to the removeable one you have pictured. It's easy to do.

I have used those portage pads. They are comfortable enough if the load isn't too heavy or the portage is short.

Though it is not aluminum, pictured below is my (former) Bob Special with a similar pad. The yoke is removeable with a homemade clamping system. Notice, however, the thwart just behind the bow seat. It was added to help keep the hull shape when the yoke is removed.

12/30/2008 06:11PM  
BZ, You can leave them attached. They can be flipped so that it can be used as a seat as well. What I like about them is comfort. We single portage and since I am the one who has to carry the canoe along with a full backpack on my back and a small pack on my front this just makes life alot easier on the shoulders....
12/30/2008 10:18PM  
Bannock - On my grumman the center thwart is still there. The old yoke (ash with pads) was placed in front of it and bolted to the gunwales. It did not interfere with portaging and I don't really think the balance was off. In fact, when it broke last summer in Quetico i had to duct tape it to the center thwart and that worked just like it always had. I never thought about removing the center thwart but now will consider that. I didn't know if the Mad River yoke was more comfortable then pads but you seem to think pads are better - correct?

I go up to viginia now and then and visit my in-laws. Maybe I an stop by Mt. Iron and check that system out. I've seen them at Land of the Loon Festival in Virginia before but wasn't shopping at the time.

Better yet - maybe I should start canoe shopping! Boost the economy and all that.

Thanks for input.
12/31/2008 11:44AM  
The pad you show is kinda nice cause they sort of form to your shoulders. Your canoe kind of locks in. That said, there is not a lot of cushion and so for a heavier load and longer portages the thick traditional pads or sling-type pads are more comfortable. IMHO.
12/31/2008 11:49AM  
BTW - if the removeable yoke worked with the current center thwart in your canoe, I wouldn't remove the center thwart.

Any idea why your yoke broke? Was it a defective yoke (bad grain alignment or something), or did something happen? Whatever it was, try to get it corrected so it doesn't happen again. You wouldn't want to put a new one on just to have the problem repeat.
01/01/2009 02:50PM  
I think it broke because of 40 years of wear and tear. The wood just rotted away. I probably could of varnished it once and while (every 5 years of so) since it was outside that entire time.
There was never a problem with it but I would like to find a more comfortable system.
01/01/2009 04:31PM  
I think you'll have a lot better padding if you simply replace the your yoke and go with a good set of portaging pads.
05/03/2023 02:05AM  
Bannock, where did you get the yoke pad in the photo you posted back in 2008?

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