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07/23/2019 03:03PM
Hi all,
I'm pseudo-leading a group of relatively inexperience people on some day trips in the BWCA, and am looking for suggestions.

We're staying at Loon Lake Lodge and Clearwater Lodge, so I'd like the day trips to mostly center around those areas.

Day trips I'm familiar with/have done:
Bridal Veil Falls
Rose Falls
Johnson Falls

The crew is in their late 50's/early 60's, relatively inexperience, but they're also reasonably fit. We'll be renting kevlar canoes. Ideal day trip recommendations would include between 1/2 hour to two hours of hiking interspersed with paddling/portaging.

Thanks in advance.
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07/23/2019 06:45PM
Put in at Round...Missing Link......Snipe(a really scenic little lake)....Cross Bay....Ham....out Cross Bay ep and walk back to Round landing or leave a car there for shuttle.
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