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      Good to go- thanks! (My mom's BWCA adventure at age 84     
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11/17/2019 08:46PM
My mom - where do I even start?

Born 1936. Depression-era. Irish 50% German 50%, 11 children - she was the youngest, Joliet, Ill. Her father was a farm laborer, lost his job when the farmland went to build an armory for the war effort. Her entire childhood was shaped by her father's alcoholism and abuse, as well as WW II. They survived on ditch weeds and potato water, and a mother who would not give up hope.

My mom went on two trips with me to the BWCA in the late 2000's. She would like to return.

Looking for recommendations for a lodge or experience that would accommodate her: any area is fine. Our pop-up stairs would probably be too steep, tent definitely no. I am unfamiliar with lodges in the area other than bunks.

Goals: loon, stars, fire, canoe and gentle fishing.

Thank you.


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11/17/2019 09:37PM
What a cool mother you have. Best wishes for planning a fun trip.
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11/17/2019 10:09PM

Your Mother is an fine example of what we should all aspire to. Grit beyond all boundaries. Please give you Mother a hug from me, a total stranger who admires who she is.


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11/18/2019 05:14AM
Tuscarora Outfitters on the Gunflint Trail is situated on Round Lake. They have a number of cabin options a couple of which are on the water. Round Lake is a nice lake complete with Loons and decent walleye/smallmouth/northern fishing. They offer a nice breakfast at 0700 and you are a short drive from the Trail Center, Poplar House, and Gunflint Lodge for other meals. I think some of the cabins include the use of a small boat with a 10 hp outboard....on the other side of the lake are EP's 51/52.


Tuscarora Outfitters
11/18/2019 07:14AM
Seagull Outfitters also has 3 or 4 rental cabins on Seagull Lake.
11/18/2019 07:49AM
Thanks - we got a plan. She found one based on some conversations with a friend who went a couple summers ago, so that will work best.
She told me last night she put Canoecopia on her calendar. I wish we had another lifetime yet! Thank you again. And I'll give her a hug, MossBack. She's pretty neat.
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11/18/2019 07:51AM
The cabins at Canoe Country Outfitters Moose Lake base always seem attractive time. Easy to get on water, close to Ely restaurants and shopping.
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11/18/2019 09:54AM
Good for you Jillpine and your mom.

Tough people were born into those times, my paretns are 84 and 82, my dad worked until he was 82, born in 36 as well. My parents are very well off, but boy are they frugal, must have been the times back then.

Wishing you and your mom a great trip with lasting memories.
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11/18/2019 10:05AM
Have a wonderful time! I lost my mom much too early (she was only 56), but one of my favorite memories was taking her to the Kopka River and just seeing the pure joy on her face. Time is short...enjoy.
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11/18/2019 03:22PM
I'm so glad that you have a plan. While my Mom didn't have a history with the BWCA, she did come to our cabin a few years ago and had a wonderful time. By the next year, she was too unsteady for our stairs and many of the trails we hiked that year. I hope you have a great time with your Mom next year and many more after that.
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11/18/2019 08:09PM
When my mother-in-law was in her 80s, we did this: she really wanted to see the BWCA, but no way could she get in/out of a canoe, nor really do anything at all rigorous. We contacted one of the outfitters that shuttles canoes/canoeists up Moose Lake to Prairie Portage. We arranged for them to take Mom/daughter on a scenic tour up and back. They were so accommodating and fantastic - going slow by the shoreline, pointing out things of interest, wildlife, etc. So, she got to be in the BWCA - to experience the BWCA, in a way that worked for her. The guide that took her was very kind and accommodating. I will try hard to recall which outfitter we used, it's been awhile. The other thing we did is go to the wolf center, and take in their evening outing to 'howl with wolves.' In the middle of "no where" we stopped, piled out of the van, and there we were, howling, with wolves off in the distance howling back. She loved every minute of it. No regrets. We went back the next day, in daylight, so she could see where we had been :)
Best of luck to you.
11/19/2019 07:52AM
It sounds like you have made your plans. I was going to recommend a cabin at Rockwood Lodge on Poplar, or Clearwater Lodge. Good lodging, comfortable, and easy for day trips.

I hope you have a wonderful time. We have found cabin weeks to be satisfying now that I don't have the mobility to get in and out of the canoe, and to handle the difficult landings on a canoe trip.
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