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01/20/2020 08:23AM  
here is a book written for you by fellow Boomer PJ O'Rourke:
The Baby Boom, ...
BTW , something he touches on ... you could further divide this group into subgroups, and IMO, you could also include people born before the accepted birth dates, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, ... were not Boomers, yet, ... if you feel like a Boomer, you are a Boomer IMO, I certainly feel I have more in common with them than say someone born in the early 60's who were still crawling and drooling when Kennedy was shot (some Boomers weren't even born yet)
he says many things you can relate to about growing up in the 50' and 60's, and pokes fun at us, and we mostly deserve it
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01/20/2020 07:52PM  
PJ O'Rourke is an old favorite of mine. Been a while since I have read any of his essays, but a lot of good entertainment to be had. He always seemed to poke fun at everyone so we could all be offended equally at some point.

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