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03/23/2020 10:50AM  
New Trip Report posted by KarlK

Trip Name: 1st Winter Trip.

Entry Point: 61

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03/27/2020 01:42PM  
I'd like to know more details. What size Otter shelter do you use? What is your sleeping arrangement? What are you using for heat? Run it all night? Tell me about your ability to move this shelter from the landing to Daniels. How heavy is the load?

I see this as an option to use sometime when I don't want to take my canvas tent and stove.

Thanks for more info!
member (46)member
03/27/2020 05:12PM  
I was using the smallest Otter hub, I think it is 72"x72". I used a large, heavy cot with a 2" thermarest and an old, heavy Cabela's brand down bag. I did not run the portable buddy heater at night and was very comfortable. I had a 10lb tank and used more gas than I expected, probably 7-8 pounds. I was not planning on fishing in the shelter as much as I did, but the bite was good very early each morning, and slow in the afternoon and evening. Camping on the fish was great, as I was able to wake up and have everything ready to go. I had no trouble hauling this load back there, not sure of the weight but easily 150-200 lbs with minnows, flasher, old 8" auger, giant cot... In the future I will try to stick to late season, hard packed conditions. In slush or soft snow, one could shuttle multiple times as it is not very far to reach the area I was fishing.
I definitely am looking for a small, lightweight cot, as what I was using is heavy and too large for the shelter.
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