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member (33)member
06/10/2020 09:20PM  
Solo last year for one night. Went to Big Moose Lake. Long portage for one guy and a pup. Looking for another solo this year. Would like any suggestions for a not-to-hard or not too easy trip for 2 nights 3 days? Any suggestions? Want a quite place...not too popular. All suggestions welcome.

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06/12/2020 03:54PM  
Fall Lake entry to Ella Hall? Dead end route, doubt you'd see anyone once you got off Fall Lake.

Little Gabbro entry to Turtle?

Lake 1 entry, 2-3-4- Hudson- Fire-Rifle and back out?
distinguished member (267)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/12/2020 04:41PM  
Sawbill to Cherokee to N/S Temperance to Fire Lakes loop might fit the bill out of EP38. Its a popular EP and route but depending on what days of the week and time of year its not bad. I did it in mid-September a couple years ago and only passed three groups on the portages.

The Lady Chain route from EP37 to EP38 can be done in 2 nights/ three days I think if you don’t mind paying for a shuttle back to your vehicle.

I have done short “out-and-back” solos out of EP25 to Knife Lake and EP30 to Insula as well. EP47 on the Gunflint side has a lot of short loops and out and back options too.

But all of these are popular EPs. If you go mid week vs. the weekends and/or after Labor Day you may get some solitude.
06/12/2020 05:33PM  
Baker Lake EP39 is a good one. Can go over to Sawbill or fire lakes if you want or head up toward Temperance lakes and Brule. Nice area, smaller water, portages aren't bad. I went in June 2 years ago and ran into a few people but not too bad.

Could also do EP25 to Wind to lakes beyond. Wind lake portage is busy but not too bad after that. It's also a nice lake to spend a day or so.
member (33)member
06/12/2020 10:52PM  
Good stuff! Thanks. This should help assist my research. I have 17 days off work. So week days in early Sept will be my goal.
Wont bother me if I dont see any one. Thats what its all about. Thanks for the input.
06/13/2020 06:39AM  
Three days is not long, so you might consider Little Isabella to Quadga or something similar.
06/13/2020 02:50PM  
The Little Indian Sioux north entry will get you up on LLC and allow you to duck into the smaller lakes in that "mitt". It may not be a loop but you will find it an easy and quick way to get away from the put-in with likely solitude. Just a thought.
06/13/2020 04:29PM  
Perent Lake by Kawishiwi Lake, Hog Creek entry.
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