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07/07/2020 12:49PM  
We’ve changed our trip to EP 34 -Island River.
Any recommendations on routes or campsites?
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07/07/2020 04:23PM  
You really only have two options from this entry point. You can either head back to Isabella or continue west toward Bald Eagle. This is in the burn area so most of the campsites were fire effected until you get to Bald Eagle. Lots of great fishing in the Island and Isabella Rivers and Quadga. Once on Bald Eagle you have a few more route options. You probably won’t see too many people as you paddle the river. B E is a little more busy. You can easily get to B E in one day.
07/09/2020 03:32PM  
Island River - good fishing. Had fun there on a few solo trips. I watched a cougar at the put in for a minute or so. It was at the edge of the clearing on the road going to the Isabella put in. Pretty cool. I’d go back. The trips from there are a bit limited. I didn’t go too far in. I found a good walleye hole and sat on it for a couple days.
Have fun.
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07/10/2020 08:27PM  
We paddled it to the east (out of the BWCA) last year in mid august to go check out the pictographs. THICK rice to paddle through in one area - bow paddler not happy about that. Not sure what it's like the other direction but something to consider.
Saw moose, caught walleye, saw pictos - overall a great trip.
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