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member (6)member
09/09/2020 09:37AM  
I'm wondering if anyone has compared the NWC and Bruce Kunz Merlins. Would like to know if there's a noticeable difference in their tracking from the different rockers: NWC 1" bow, .5" stern vs Kunz flat rocker.
I have the NWC plans and had them reduced for a 15'3 x 29 boat (closer to original Kunz dimensions). The reason is it will only be used as a day tripper and sometimes overnighter carrying me at 170 plus 40lbs tops.
The boat will be used in a bay exclusively (Humboldt, near Eureka, California). So tracking is desirable, and there's plenty of room for turns!
I currently have a Dagger Sojourn at 14'10 x 29 and like the width, a few inches longer should be great.
Bought some nice 16' wrc. And scored some local sitka spruce from a tree thinned from our community forest - was sold for .80/ft, nice. Will use the ss for bottom. Will just say there's some meaning to me in using the spruce from our city forest, even tho its a bit heavier than wrc. May use the ss for some of the trim as well.
I'm ok if it's not the lightest, but at or under the Sojourns 48lbs would be good. Have considered 3/16 strips to make up a couple lbs, but not extremely concerned about weight as I put in from the backyard.
My first build. Carpentry and furniture background will help, but of course a new experience will bring some puzzlements I'm sure. Am doing a plain jane build with no artistry, will save that for the next one after learning the fundamentals.
Expect it will be a winter project as plenty of non canoe responsibilities to do.
Thanks for any input from experience!

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distinguished member(536)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/09/2020 09:49PM  
Bruce's Merlin tracked a little too much for most.

I rockered the stems, for a couple of friends.

I'm sure it improved handling at least a little.

From flat to 1" Hull rocker ? There might be a slight difference.

I think you will be happy with the design as you have modified it. Shortening a hull, will also make it easier to maneuver.

Build it and let us know !

member (6)member
09/10/2020 05:54PM  
Thanks Jim, I like the hull design, smooth transitions - bottom to bilge to tumblehome. The gentle rocker on the nwc model should work well on the bay here. Gets breezy and light chop, but not usually heavy winds or
chop. Can get home fairly quick when it does kick up.
Getting a workspace cleared, materials together and deciding on methods in the meantime.
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09/10/2020 09:06PM  
Glad to help !
I have several build threads over at Canoetripping . net, that you might be interested in. Here is my latest.
Nokomis Wood Shop Canoe

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