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      Got my flying moose stickers today     
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09/28/2020 08:57PM  
Cant say enough about the obvious quality of these stickers. I'll be sporting them on the MNII this week. Thanks Adam for offering real quality stuff.
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09/30/2020 08:51AM  
They certainly will outlast your canoe! Sport them well! I was at the “store” and was sad I could not buy a bandana...
09/30/2020 02:45PM  

Get 'em on the car & canoe!!

09/30/2020 07:23PM  
TrailZen: "

Get 'em on the car & canoe!!


Woah you're just talking crazy talk now.
09/30/2020 09:02PM  
Well. . .you can put it on your car-top carrier, too! :-)
09/30/2020 11:36PM  
Stop with the madness! ... Just kidding guys.

I love that we are so proud of our community that we will advertise / announce who we are. I hope by putting these on, I will run into a few of you folks out in the woods.

If you see the moose its time for the lips to get loose
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