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Justin Bettendorf
Guest Paddler
09/30/2020 02:55PM
I'm planning a trip for October 15-18 in the Rose lake area. We're putting in at Bearskin and going through Duncan, Rose, and then along the border to Clearwater, south through Deer, and then back west through Flour and Hungry jack to bearskin. We have the gear required, but what I'm concerned about is weather, specifically wind, on the lakes. I've been in some pretty big waves on Saganaga and Alton, but that was in the summer where hypothermia isn't an issue if we tip. Is this something we need to worry about on any of these lakes, or are the waves manageable? We will be in a 17ft Grumman aluminum canoe and a 14ft royalex.
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distinguished member(4683)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
09/30/2020 03:21PM
We did a similar trip in October several years back.

As far as the weather goes; you're not going to know until you get there. You know your skill level and comfort level, using common sense you should be just fine. I'll make the obvious statement and say, try and make a point of keeping close to shore more so than you would during warmer weather.

Enjoy. Fall is a great time to go.
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distinguished member(1458)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/30/2020 03:59PM
Any Lake is susceptible to rough weather. Use good judgement, stay close to shore if need be. One day you can have rollers, the next day glass.
Justin Bettendorf
Guest Paddler
09/30/2020 07:47PM
Also, is that portage along a river from Rose to Rove actually a portage, or could we just paddle the river?
distinguished member(699)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/30/2020 09:20PM
The couple good things about that route. The lakes are smaller compared to Sag. And, if you get there and the weather is foul, you can just stay on Duncan or Rose and then do some day hikes along the Border Route Trail. You can also shorten the route by turning it into a loop that exits out Daniels or Clearwater into Bearskin.
Weather that time of year can be calm and beautiful or it can be icy and windy. Just keep your options open and then check the weather reports a day or two in advance.

The long portage out of Rose is there for a reason. You will not be able to paddle the stream. The portage is long, but quite flat.

Maybe I'll see you up there. We are going to be staying in a cabin at Camp Menogyn on Bearskin and taking daytrips during those days. We're hoping for nice weather, too.
distinguished member (189)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
10/01/2020 08:06AM
Justin Bettendorf: "Also, is that portage along a river from Rose to Rove actually a portage, or could we just paddle the river?"

You will have to portage from Rose to Rove, 100%. That portage is long and will take you some time for sure.
Myself and two others completed this on our Border Route trip and remember it being long but not overly difficult. I believe there were a few tight turns and some blow down the closer we got to Rove. Hope this helps some, best of luck!
10/01/2020 08:12AM
Yes these lakes are big enough to cause serious-sized waves if the wind is east or west or is funneling east or west. And your comfort level has to be made by your group, as you perceive the conditions when you're in it.

Capsizing in October is to be avoided so extra caution is good. Cold water is dangerous. PFD's are more important in cold water time of year and staying close to shore when conditions are not to your liking is a good idea.
distinguished member(2525)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
10/01/2020 01:15PM
Straight and Beav are each EXTREMELY experienced. I have nothing to add, therefore, except be flexible and have a plan B, C, and D.
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