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10/29/2020 11:33AM
Looking for an ice report on lakes up north right now. I am thinking about doing a trip next week as the forecast is looking good for an early November trip. I'm assuming there is ice on small lakes and the big ones are open. Any help would be great.
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distinguished member(4699)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
10/29/2020 01:02PM
Depends on where you're going but, I believe most of the shallower lakes are already iced over.

This is a trip report from a couple of weeks ago, and they were definitely pushing the envelope.
10/29/2020 06:14PM
What area are you targeting? Small lakes around Ely are ice covered as of a few days ago. The larger lakes are open but obviously conditions vary and can change until temps stay below freezing.
10/29/2020 10:16PM
Now that I have more info I'm pretty sure Brule will be a safe bet if I can get up there next week.
senior member (54)senior membersenior member
10/30/2020 09:47AM
Brule was wide open as of this past Monday. The bay at the access MIGHT be ice covered now. But with how windy it’s been, and temps in the high 40’s next week (overnight lows above freezing as well) I wouldn’t plan on fishing Brule, unless you’re bringing a canoe to paddle around in.
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