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01/11/2021 06:50AM  
Here is the list of 2021 Themes. Keep the ideas coming from future years.

January - Campfires
February - Winter in Canoe Country
March - BWCA Trails
April - Loaded Canoes
May - Fishing
June - Islands
July - Group Photos
August - Sunsets and Sunrises
Sept - Camp Kitchen
October - Fall in Canoe Country
Nov - Vintage Photos
Dec - Best of the Best Photos
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01/17/2021 09:52AM  
Here are a couple of thoughts for future contests. These categories should not be too hard for most people.

1. Loon pictures. Perhaps this suggestion could be more specific, such as Loon portraits or Loons in action.
2. Birds that are not Loons.
3. Moose pictures.
4. Fungi or lichens.
5. Flowers.
6. Auroras (this might be difficult for most people, however).
7. Fishing lure collection. The lures should only include those that have actually caught fish in the BWCA/Quetico area and should be arranged in an "artistic manner".
member (25)member
03/24/2021 02:54PM  
Moon shots
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