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   Group Forum: Canoeing with kids
      Route recommendation for ages 16-6     



04/18/2021 12:43PM  
We are looking at a BW trip during the second week of June. My hubs has been on two BW trips back in high school and college. I have never been, but am an avid river paddler. Last summer I took the two older girls (ages 15 and 12) on a 36 mile trip on the Upper Iowa and they did great. Kid #3 (age 11) has some day-paddling experience and Kid #4 because of the age gap is always the outlier, but is a pretty chill kid.

I would love some recommendations for a 4-day, 3-night trip. No one is really into fishing, so great camping and paddling are a priority. We'll just outfit canoes and paddles. Looking for something the is exciting and stretches the older kids and isn't going to make the younger one a walking disaster :)


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04/23/2021 06:18PM  
Baker lake is a good entry. Before Jack lake is a the mine. We saw a moose with our kids. Sawbill is anther easy entry point. Lots to see and do.
04/28/2021 08:28AM  
You could also look at going in Popular lake and hop three easy portages to Horseshoe lake. Going into Alpine, Red Rock and then Red Rock Bay of Sag is fairly easy. You can hide among the islands on Seagul on your way down to the Alpine. Another route option is to put in at Moose River north and hop two easy portages along that river up to Nina Moose. There's a couple of good sites there. These are relatively easy trips that we took our kids on, the latter we were able to make it to Agnes which is an option. Just a few ideas.
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