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05/31/2021 03:07PM  
New Trip Report posted by merlyn

Trip Name: just one more.

Entry Point: 47

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05/31/2021 04:38PM  
Thanks for the report, merlyn. I've stayed at the site on Allen about 10 years ago and have done all those portages too. I think Gaskin and Winchell are destinations for most people through Horseshoe and back the same way. we went from Gaskin to Meeds a few years ago and those portages were certainly less traveled than the others.
05/31/2021 06:00PM  
Good report, lots of detail. Since these are some of my favorite places in the BWCA I would have loved to see some pictures. Saw most of these lakes on our "Long Trip", but got to Allen on a different trip and we did camp there. We had a very pleasant layover on Gaskin on our 2001 canoe trip, and I agree that it is a beautiful lake.

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05/31/2021 06:20PM  
Thanks for the trip report, it was fun to read! I'm also 5'6" and 70 +, so I could see myself on each portage you described (been on some of them).

Rockwood Lodge is a great place to begin and end a trip!


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06/01/2021 07:22AM  
Nice trip report Merlyn.
I was on my trip for roughly those same dates (18-25)
I got to experience that storm on Saturday, pretty wild for about 7 minutes!!
And yes, the black flies were horrible!
Sounds like you have an enjoyable trip, thanks for sharing.
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06/01/2021 07:36AM  
Good trip report! It was great meeting you on the portage out and talking with you at Rockwood. This was only my second time in the Gunflint area and after reading your report I hope to explore more of the area.
06/01/2021 11:00AM  
Great report.
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06/01/2021 05:51PM  
Rockwood is a great starting point. I love that area. Omega has a nice campsite, #592, close to the Winchell portage. Gaskin is one of my favorite lakes. I've stayed there or passed through there on my last 4 trips. Horseshoe is another favorite. It sounds like you had a great trip.
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06/02/2021 05:58AM  
Thanks a ton for the report. Heading this way in June on my first BWCA. Not too old or fat lol, but excited. And probably not as good of a cook as you!
06/02/2021 06:32AM  
Nice Merlyn. Horseshoe is a cool lake I agree. Malberg is kind of like it if you are looking for something similar. Even Polly is pretty neat like it. If there was a site on Lizz Lake it might get some use but there is no reason to stay there. I would maybe try but yeah it is just a pass through on a popular entry. And looking at the map I am surprised there is no campsite on Swamp Lake either. Decent sized lake kind of out of the way and easy to get to would be good for people with small kids.
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