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02/11/2009 09:08PM  
anyone have any info or a web site on lofting? i tried to do it a few years ago and it didnt turn out well.
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distinguished member(1209)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/12/2009 06:17AM  
I was looking around a while back for something on this too, but I never really found anything that really gave me an idea of the process. There is a guy who took photos and provided some explanation of the process on the Bear Mountain forum. He's making a kayak, but I'm pretty sure the process is the same. Here is a link: kayak lofting photos

Good Luck.
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02/12/2009 09:02AM  
thanks, the process of lofting makes the full plans you can buy seem inexpensive. i might give it a try today for something to do.
member (17)member
07/24/2009 12:11PM  
Thanks for the link on lofting. I have the canoecraft book and have started to loft a set of plans out of there on my cad software. I did a couple of station molds last night and they turned out good. I am interested in what they will look like after I plot them full size.
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07/24/2009 07:37PM  
Static - finish the input on your cad software. I did our 38 Special as well as our Freedom17 on cad and I'm glad I did. The nice thing about doing the splines on cad is your eye is sensitive enough to see errors in the offset table and make adjustments. If the original coordinates are off even a 32nd of an inch your eye will catch it. And yes I've found errors on the offsets in Canoecraft. Not huge but noticeable.

Some people think doing molds on cad is cheating and not "traditional". That is an opinion but fiberglass/kevlar and epoxy canoes in the BW/Q aren't "traditional" either.
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