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      Transferring the station template to wood: Any clever ideas?     
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07/19/2021 10:44PM  
I saw that Grizzlyman (on his Saganaga build) did a clever transfer by using a light spray of paint rather than making a line. My method of transfer has been by placing carbon paper under the paper template and then tracing the template using a "tracing wheel" (the kind used in sewing). I have used this method for 3 canoes and find it tedious and a pain in the backside.......... I kept saying to myself that there has got to be a better way. So, the question is there a better way?
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07/20/2021 12:37PM  
I have used the carbon paper method with success.
However, I now have a cnc router and if I were to do another build, I would definitely have the cnc cut out all the forms. No sanding and .003” accuracy when the robot cuts it.
07/20/2021 02:14PM  
I always drafted my all the station on a heavy paper and then cut them out, biggest first, and traced around the edges. It was a destructive transfer after enjoying all the pretty drafting work, but in the long run it didn't matter.

Carbon paper! Can you still get that stuff?
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07/20/2021 05:15PM  
I like to print as many sheets as there are stations, then cut each station,one per sheet and glue it on to the plywood.
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07/23/2021 02:55PM  
I always lofted my plans onto white Poster board. It doesn't allow for mistakes, but cut to the line carefully, and trace the edge with a good ink pen. Plan ahead to minimize plywood waste.
Plans I purchased, I used a Carbon paper trick, and again used Poster board.
Yes, printing a sheet for each form would be best, if you have the printing resource.

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