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      5 Days; Fall Lake or Brant (Gunflint)???     
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07/24/2021 04:17PM  
Hey Everybody! Making my second trip ever to the BWCA next week, despite closures, etc. First trip was off the Gunflint 19 years ago with my 10 year old son and buddy and loved it. We will be paddling (no motor), We (two of us) have a choice of a Fall Lake entry, or Brant Lake entry (our Nina Moose #16 was cancelled). We are fit, experienced paddlers, and interested in wilderness, wildlife, and solitude (yes, I know, that pretty much describes the whole amazing BWCA). I know we can't go wrong either way, but I'd love to hear folks opinions on what might suit us better. Thanks!
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07/24/2021 04:45PM  
Take the Brant and head to little sag and out tuscarora. Nice loop
07/24/2021 04:52PM  
Thanks a ton, I'll check it out!
07/24/2021 05:22PM  
I agree with Mocha - take Brant.
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07/24/2021 06:30PM  
Get ready for a series of portages
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07/26/2021 07:50PM  
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